Meet Niki Mosier
Our Enterprise 360 Ambassador
"I vouch for Rank Ranger"

Niki is currently head of SEO and content at AgentSync, a tech startup in Denver, Colorado. Niki also spends some time doing some SEO consulting to keep her technical and local SEO skills sharp. With over 10 years of SEO experience, Niki has worked on client accounts big and small and used a lot of the tools out there. When she's not fixing crawl issues or creating an SEO strategy, Niki is enjoying all that life in Colorado has to offer.

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4 reasons I Like Rank Ranger

The ability to be able to track local and organic keywords accurately is a huge benefit
I love the site audit interface and how easy it is to navigate through
I love how easy to use Rank Ranger is across the board. From setting up a new campaign to navigating through reports, it's all easy and makes sense
The ability to whitelabel dashboards is something that is really useful to me as a contractor and something I really appreciate
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Organic SEO
Paid Search
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Organic SEO
  • Daily, weekly, & monthly rank tracking
  • Monitor site visibility
  • Search engine rank comparisons
  • Keyword grouping and tagging
  • Track landing page fluctuations
  • Determine site traffic across device
  • Analyze on-page elements for optimization
  • Execute technical SEO site audits
Paid Search
  • Track local ad rankings
  • Directly compare Google Ads to Bing Ads performance
  • Unique paid search competition insights
  • Examine paid traffic metrics
  • Perform brand targeting ad audits
  • Receive automated ad alerts
Competitor Analysis
  • Track the competition's organic & paid rankings
  • Determine your top organic & paid competitors
  • Monitor the competition's SERP changes, including changes to titles & meta-descriptions
  • View the competition's actual ads
  • Isolate shared keywords & keyword wins
  • Discover the competition's Featured Snippets
Keyword Research
  • Research keywords by search volume
  • Receive optimized keyword suggestions
  • Determine keyword competitiveness
  • Discover voice search optimized keywords
  • Analyze your site's keyword vulnerabilities & strengths
  • Utilize advanced keyword research filters
    (such as keyword length, word count, question format, etc.)
  • Website Analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, & IBM Coremetrics
  • Webmaster Tools: Search Console & Bing Webmaster
  • Paid Search: Google Ads, Bing Ads, & Facebook Ads
  • Social Analytics: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & YouTube
  • Call Tracking: Call Tracking Metrics, CallRail, & Twilio
  • Email Marketing: Aweber, Constant Contact, & MailChimp
  • Other: Yext, DeepCrawl, & Google Drive

14 days trial
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