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Add and Manage Contacts

Add Contact (e.g., clients, backlink suppliers,etc.) details for tracking and management.
Add Backlink Supplier

View & Add Contacts

Add Contacts

View Contact List and Add New Contacts:

  • Click Contacts in the Home screen Shortcuts menu.
  • View the list of Contacts and/or click the + Add New Contact button.
Add Contact Details

Contact Details:

  • Contact Name (required)
  • Company Name
  • Phone
  • Email address 1 and/or 2
  • Language
  • Payment Details
  • Any Notes needed for future reference
  • Click the Save button.
Contact Details - Add Website

Add Websites:

After successfully creating the new Contact, you will see an additional section below that allows you to add websites to the Contact record.
  • Click the +Add Website button to add a site.
Contact Details - Add Website and Link data

Add Website Details:

  • Enter Domain (Website URL) (required)
  • Select the Website Type: Business, Social Media, E-Commerce, Personal Blog, Corporate Blog, News/Media, Community, Directory or Other. (optional)
  • Select Available Link Positions options that apply to this site. (optional)
  • Enter Link Price and select the currency. (optional)
  • Select the Language (optional)
  • Enter any Notes you'd like to record
  • Click the Save button to add a site

View & Manage Contacts

View Contact List

Access the Contact List:

  • Click Contacts in the Home screen Shortcuts menu.
Edit Contacts

Edit Contacts:

  • Click the Edit icon (pencil) to make changes to the Contact record.
  • Click the Add Link icon to add a backlink to be tracked. Refer to Add Links documentation for more information on adding and managing links.

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