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Rank Tracker Dashboard

The Rank Tracker Dashboard report provides you with a complete overview of your primary domain, as well as your competitor URLs, and is rich with options including Rank Change filters, Keyword Metrics, Domain Metrics, Landing Page Metrics including social signals, and more. The multiple view feature allows for a customized single domain and competitive views.

Customize Your Dashboard

Add a custom report title, show or hide the display of search engine, domain, landing page, baseline rank, best rank, daily rank change, weekly rank change, monthly rank change, overall rank change, and targeted URL columns.

Filter results based on the type of rank change, search engines, display only the top 10, top 20, ... top 100 results, or only certain keyword categories using tags, and compare results to the previous day, week, or month.

Choose from a variety of:
  • Keyword Metrics: Google AdWords average monthly volume, average CPC, PPC competition, KEI, and algorithm change
  • Domain Metrics: Google Page Rank, Majestic, Ahrefs & Moz
  • Landing Page Metrics: Social Signals 
Data for any keyword and search engine combination can also be displayed in a visual graph.

Use Report Presets Report Presets save multiple report versions to save multiple versions of the Dashboard for each campaign.

When you've customized a report exactly the way you want it, you can save it as the report default settings for your Account, a Profile, only this Campaign or the Client Dashboard that corresponds to the campaign.

Rank Tracker Dashboard

Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Rank Tracking 


SERP Snapshot and SERP Indicators


When Google displays answer box, events, HTTPS URLs, local pack map, news, notable online, ratings, search box, site links, or video features in the search results for your keyword and site, the Rank Tracker Dashboard places special SERP icons in the URL field to alert you to the special results. Learn more...

SERP Snapshot

Click the Discovery Screen icon SERP discovery screen to display the Top 10 Organic search results for the keyword. Scroll down and discover the Top AdWords Ads and Google Related Search phrases (if Google served any for the selected keyword).

SERP Snapshot in Dashboard

SERP indicators that can be viewed in the Dashboard include:

SERP indicator icons

Dashboard SERP Indicators Example

In this example of the Rank Tracker Dashboard, the URL column is displaying ratings, events, HTTPS, and video SERP indicators.

Rank Tracker Dashboard with SERP icons

Competitor Rank Tracking and SERP Features Comparison

In this example, the Competitive View of the Rank Tracker Dashboard provides not only rank, rank change, domain indexed pages, and backlinks, but also an indication of which SERP features are displayed in the search engine results for the keyword per domain and an option to view a SERP snapshot per keyword.

rank tracking competitors

Filter Rank Tracker Dashboard by SERP Feature

In Report Options > SERP Indicators, you can select specific search engine results page indicators and filter the rank tracking report to display only the results that contain one of the selected SERP icons by choosing the "Contains at least one (OR)" option. 

In this example, we selected AMP OR Carousel, Featured Snippet, Image Thumbnail, Rating, Structured Snippets, or Video Thumbnail, and so we see all results that contain any of these SERP features.  If AND had been selected, then the report would only display keywords that contain all of those selected SERP features.

Rank Tracker Dashboard SERP features

To view only the results that ranked with a particular combination of SERP features, select "Require all selected (AND)". In this example, we selected HTTPS AND Image Thumbnails AND Structured Snippet.     
filter rank tracking report for SERP feature

Featured Snippet Rank Tracking

Featured Snippets become Rank Position 1
On January 23, 2020, Google changed the way Featured Snippets vs organic rank are treated in search results (learn more...). Featured Snippets are now considered to be rank position 1 and the link displayed in them is no longer repeated as a separate organic result on page 1. As such, due to the prominence of the featured snippet's visibility (and potential for click-through), we have adapted our tracking to include Featured Snippets as rank position 1 when a keyword we're tracking for you displays a URL in it. 

To help you determine if a keyword ranked in position 1 with or without a Featured Snippet, we have added a report option that you can enable to display a column labeled "FS". When the result is a Featured Snippet, a "1." icon displays in that column.

Featured Snippet postion 1

Featured Snippet Indicators in Dashboard Report
In this example:
  • outlined in green, the SERP Feature icon for a Featured Snippet is displaying in the URL column, the keyword is ranked in position 1 and the SERP Snapshot shows the Featured Snippet URL
  • outlined in blue is a keyword ranked in position 1 without a Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet

Single Domain & Competitor Dashboard


Single Domain View

Select Single Domain view from the menu to view data for selected keywords for a domain per search engine. Active Filters such as keyword tags, search volume, minimum and maximum rank, landing page, etc. are indicated at the top of the report, along with the number of keywords displaying based on those filters.

SEO Dashboard Single Domain View

Competitive View

Select Competitive View from the menu to view keyword rank and SEO metrics for each domain you're tracking.

SEO Dashboard Competitive View

Rank Trend Baseline Comparison

Baseline Comparison

Enable the Baseline and Overall Change columns (in Report Options > Display > Rank) to display the overall change between the rank on the 1st day the keyword was added to the campaign* (baseline rank) and the current report date rank.
  * If the keyword did not rank within the maximum supported results tracked by each search engine (refer to our current list of supported search engines for rank depth and additional information) on the day it was added to the campaign and was not manually imported, then Baseline displays 100 on the days when the keyword ranks.

Compare Baseline Rank to current Rank

Quarterly, Semi-Annual, & Annual Rank Trends

Enable the Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and/or Annual columns (in Report Options > Display > Rank) to view rank comparison between current report date and previous periods.
Dashboard Rank Trends for Single Domain

Dashboard Rank Trends for Competitor Domains
This keyword rank comparison over time between competitors is possible by selecting Competitive View (enable the display of the Website column in Report Options > Display > General)

Best Rank

Best Rank

In Report Options > Display > Rank, set Best Rank to display and a column will be added to the report that displays the highest rank a keyword has achieved since it was first tracked for the primary domain. Compare the best rank with the current rank and baseline to gain rank insights.

Rank Change options

Rank Tracker Dashboard Best Rank

Best Rank in Competitive View

Switch to Competitive View and set the Best Rank column to Show, and you'll be able to view the top rank your competitors have been able to achieve for your keywords since you began tracking the campaign.

Best Rank in Competitor View of Rank Tracker Dashboard

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty View

Keyword Difficulty is the most important metric for SEO research and is displayed as a Score from 0-100. The higher the score the more difficult it is to rank for the keyword. Learn more...

Dashboard displaying Keyword Difficulty

Target URLs

Target URL View

Target URLs are set up in Campaign Settings > Keywords. This feature is especially helpful for large campaigns involving websites with multiple services or location-based sub-directories for businesses like real estate, hotels, restaurant chains, etc., and also for tracking YouTube videos or apps in iTunes or Google Play Store.  When the targeted URL isn't ranking, a red X displays with a launch icon to opens the Landing Page Monitor for the specific keyword. If other URLs in the tracked domain are ranking in the top 20 results for the keyword, a trend graph and list of URLs display in that report (learn more).

Dashboard displaying Targeted URL feature

Rank Performance Graphs

Rank Analysis Graph

Click the graph icon Graph icon opens a graphic display of rank tracker dashboard results for any keyword in the far right column (next to the screen icon) for a visual display of the rank tracker dashboard report data. When the icon is clicked, a graph displays offering a variety of view options. To see the detail of a change hover over any area on the graph for the specific date that you are interested in.