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Google Search Console Search Analytics Keywords

The Search Analytics Keywords report provides a combination graph and table detailing the Keywords that returned URLs from your site in Google search results.  Keywords and the number of Impressions, Clicks, Click-thru-Rate and Average Position of each individual keyword in Google Web Search queries is presented in a multi-axis graph and sortable table.

Data provided in this report is without filters, so it displays all Search, all Locations and all Traffic queries. Up to 5000 queries per campaign may be viewed in this Search Console report and you can set the number of queries viewed per page in Report Options. Data can be exported to CSV, Excel and PDF.  Please note that there can be a 3 to 5 day delay between the time Google compiles and releases this data via their API.

At the present time, Google's data storage policy is restricted to the past 3 months.  In Rank Ranger's Campaign Settings > Search Console, you have the option to allow RangerBot to archive monthly snapshots of your Search Console data for historical comparison in this report.

Important! To view this report Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) must be configured correctly, please refer to Rank Ranger's Search Console documentation.

Search Console (Webmaster Tools) Search Queries Keywords


Search Analytics Keywords Report
Search Analytics Keywords

Search Analytics Keywords Graph

While viewing the graph, you can hover over any point to view the number of Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Average Position for a specific date.

Search Keywords Graph

Sort Columns

You can click the arrows at the top of the Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Position columns to change the sort to ascending or descending order.  You can also click the Add Keyword button to add the keyword to the campaign and begin rank tracking.

sort search analytics data

Organic CTR Widget

This report has an option to show or hide the organic click through rate graph which provides a visual of the total keywords and CTR in the top 10 search engine results positions for the report date range. 

Organic CTR widget

10+ Results

For Position and CTR of keywords not ranked in the top 10, click the 10+ Results link 

CTR and keywords in position 11 or higher

Report Options

Select a custom Date Range


  • Select a date range

General Setting Options

General Settings:

  • Create a Custom Report Title to be displayed across the top of the report (optional). 
  • Select the number of Results you want to view per page.
  • Show or Hide the Total Queries section above the graph.
Search Console Filters

Search Console Filters (optional):

These filters can only be applied to the current month because previous months are stored as snapshots only.
  • Select a Custom Filter: Country, Device, Page, or Query 

  • Select a qualifier:
    • Contains: The row value must either contain or equal your expression (non-case-sensitive).
    • Equals: Your expression must exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions).
    • Not Contains: The row value must not contain your expression either as a substring or a (non-case-sensitive) complete match.
    • Not Equals: Your expression must not exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions).

  • Enter a Value, when selecting: 
    • Country: Filter against the specified country, as specified by 3-letter country code  (refer to ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list)  
    • Device: Filter results for a specific device type - Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet
    • Page: Filter against the specified URL
    • Query: Filter against the specified query string (i.e., keyword)

  • Click the Add Filter button
    To remove a filter, click the X next to it.

  • Clicks: choose greater than > or less than < and enter a value

  •  Landing Page: filter for a specific site page using only the page in the site structure without the domain (e.g., /pricing or /blog/serp-news-february-2018)

Landing Page filter

Rank Risk Index:

  • Show or hide Algorithm Change indicator in the graph
Adding Events and Notes


  • Show or Hide Notes (Single Date)
  • Show or Hide Notes (Date Range): these are notes with a date range (formerly 'events')
  • Click Add Note to add a new Note to the chart
Organic CTR widget

Organic CTR Graph:

  • Show or Hide the Organic Click Through Rate graph
  • Click the Apply Changes button to display the report.
Comparison to previous period

View Snapshots:

  • If in the campaign's Search Console settings you have selected the option that enables RangerBot to archive monthly snapshots of your Search Console data, then in the top right corner of this report you will see the View Snapshots option that allows you to select and view data from previous months. That Historical Data Storage option causes the following Search Console data to be stored based on calendar months without filters:
    • Daily totals for Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position
    • Unfiltered Keyword totals for up to 5000 queries
    • Unfiltered Landing Page totals for up to 5000 pages

Search Console Reports & Graphs

Authorizing a Google Search Console account connection with Rank Ranger integrates referral traffic and search query data directly into the following reports and graphs that can be viewed and added to white label client dashboards, web marketing dashboards and automated PDF Reports:

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