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Investment in the development of apps for iTunes and Google Play Store can be significant, and to ensure that download goals are met, an app needs to rank high enough in the app store search for relevant keywords in order to be seen. That's the focus of App store optimization (ASO) and Rank Ranger's ASO Rank Tracking provides the results needed to monitor and optimize your apps.

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ASO daily tracking

Rank Ranger's Rank Tracker leads ASO tracking with accurate, daily rank tracking of your apps in the search results of both iTunes and Google Play so that you can monitor and optimize them to achieve the best results. Keep on eye on your competitors by tracking their apps and outperform them by analyzing their strategies and improve on yours.

The app rank tracking feature provides you with lots of valuable reports such as daily, weekly and monthly ranking on Google Play and iTunes. You can enhance these reports with built-in graphs and visual widgets to present to management or use white label PDFs and the built-in branded client dashboard for your clients.

Keywords can be grouped together with user-assigned tags to make analysis easier and to provide flexibility in reporting. Tracking data can downloaded to CSV or Excel formats for further processing or for integration with internal reporting applications.

What Can You Do With Rank Tracker?

A Comprehensive, Global App Tracking Solution

Global App Tracking Solution

Rank Ranger can track an app's keyword rankings on iTunes stores globally so that you can monitor and optimize it for the local target markets. It allows you to monitor the progress of your keyword ranking in the local language for each of the Itunes stores.

More and more companies realize that to capitalize on their investment, they need to track and optimize their app so it will rank at the top of the results in app store searches. Rank Ranger's industry-leading tracking, search intelligence and reporting software gives you powerful tools that can help you outperform the competition and make your app an outstanding success.