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The key benefits that GA4 offers over Universal Analytics

In part two of a three-part discussion about Google Analytics 4, we look at the key benefits that GA4 offers over Universal Analytics.

In this episode, our panel discuss the advantages of Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics, including:

  • The advantages of GA4 over Universal Analytics
  • How you can tell a better story with Google Analytics 4
  • How GA4 deals with different properties
  • Will GA4 replace software like heat map or CRO software
  • Does GA4 help you visualize your buyer's journey
  • Is there better data available in GA4?

How has Google Analytics evolved?

How has Google Analytics evolved? And what are we going to lose when Universal Analytics goes away?

Welcome to part one of a three-part discussion about Google Analytics 4. And in this episode, we're going to be looking at how Google Analytics has evolved and what we're going to lose when Universal Analytics goes away. 

Taking part is Jeff Sauer, founder of Jeff Analytics and Data Driven U, Brie Anderson, owner of Beast Analytics, Jill Quick, analytics consultant and trainer from The Coloring In Department, and Dara Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder at Measurelab. Jeff, could I ask you to start with a whistlestop history of Google Analytics?     

In this week's episode, our panel will help you understand Google Analytics 4, including:     
  • The history of Google Analytics   
  • How Google Analytics has changed   
  • What SEOs will lose by moving over to Google Analytics 4           
  • What SEOs should know to embrace Google Analytics 4     

How to Rank in People Also Ask Boxes

People Also Ask boxes have been around forever.

What’s more, they are everywhere.

I mean, they appear on around 70% of desktop search results.

So the question is…

How can you use People Also Ask boxes to boost your SEO? Can you use them to bring targeted traffic to your site?

In this blog post, I’ll get into how to rank in Google’s People Also Ask boxes. I’ll first cover how the feature works and then get into the strategy and tactics for ranking in PAA boxes. 

3 Ways to Grow Your SEO Client Accounts with Ilaria Fabbri

Are you a little bit too focused on bringing in new SEO clients when it could be much easier to grow your existing accounts?

In this episode, Ilaria Fabbri shares three ways to grow your SEO client accounts, including: 

  • Target your core audience 
  • Forecast friction   
  • Become your client's partner vs. your client's consultant  

How to Audit Content Like an SEO Data Analyst

Are you actively using Google Search Console data to get more traffic?

In this episode, Marco Giordano shares how to audit content like an SEO data analyst, including:   
  • The setup   
  • Defining goals   
  • Data cleaning     
  • Analysis   
  • Insights and implementation     

Google's Knowledge Panels: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Business

Your brand SERP is your new business card.

And since brand SERPs became a thing, I often hear the question, how do I get a Google Knowledge Panel for my brand SERP?

Yes, a Knowledge Panel demonstrates your authority to your users.

This question is how do you get one for your business?

To help you out, I’ve done some research into what they are and how they work.

In this post, you’ll learn what they are, what triggers them, and how you can get your own Knowledge Panel.

But before we get into it, let’s start with basic definitions. If you just want to get to the practical steps of how you can generate your own Knowledge Panel, feel free to skip this section.

Three Link Building Mistakes to Avoid With Debbie Chew

Are you avoiding these three key link-building mistakes? 

In this episode, Debbie Chew shares three link-building mistakes to avoid, including:

  • Not thinking like the recipient of your outreach 
  • Over-relying on a single link-building tactic   
  • Linking to the wrong pages on your site  

5 Ways to Use Logfiles for SEO with Gerry White

How are you taking advantage of logfiles to improve your SEO?

In this episode, Gerry shares five ways to use logfiles for SEO, including:     

  • Seeing how Google looks at your site         
  • Parameters   
  • Are there subdomains consuming your crawl budget     
  • JavaScript and CSS files   
  • Response codes

Five Things SEOs Need to Know About PPC with Navah Hopkins

What are the key things that SEOs need to know about PPC?

That's what we're going to be covering today with a lady who hosts a monthly PPC advice column for Search Engine Journal. In this episode, Navah Hopkins shares five things SEOs need to know about PPC, including: 
  • How to use Quality Scores to improve your SEO   
  • Audiences versus keywords     
  • Auction prices of different channels 
  • What SEOs can learn from PPC tools   
  • Five rules of engagement for landing pages and conversion tracking

How the Yandex Leak Will Forever Change Your SEO Game Plan

Recently a portion of Yandex's source code was leaked. 

What does that mean to your SEO moving forward?

Think about this…

Understanding their source code will give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the search engine. This gives you an opportunity to analyze the Yandex ranking factors and compare them to those used by Google.

In this post, I’ll break down some of the high-level themes we see as well as show you some unique elements of the algorithms that might change how you do SEO moving forward.

But first, let’s explore why analyzing the Yandex algorithms is so important.

Five tips to optimize your Google Business Profile with Greg Gifford

Is your Google business profile fully optimized?

In this episode, Greg Gifford reveals five tips to optimize your Google Business Profile, including:   
  • Optimize your business name     
  • Add UTMs to your URLs         
  • Optimize your categories     
  • Questions and answers     
  • Google posts

6 Tips to Boost Your Entity SEO With Sara Taher

What exactly is entity SEO and how do you use it to boost your SEO?

In this episode, Sara Taher shares six tips to boost your entity SEO, including:   

  • Create a topical map   
  • Decide on the page/topic     
  • Entity research     
  • Integrate entities     
  • Add internal links     
  • Add schema

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