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Search Analytics Data Integration
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Discover Search Queries Keywords

Our Search Analytics Keywords report boasts a colorful 4-metric graph with daily clicks, impressions, CTR and Position, along with a Summary of Totals for the report period including Queries, Clicks, Impressions, Average CTR and Average Position. A Keyword table provides the actual query keyword with its individual search metrics and a convenient button to add a keyword to your rank tracking campaign.

Analyze Web Page SERP Performance

Search engine rank is important, but once your page advances to a prominent position are people clicking the link? Our Search Analytics Pages report details which web pages are performing the best in search results by providing detailed impressions, clicks, CTR and position so you can further optimize those pages or use them as examples for SEO of other important pages on the site.

Integrate, Archive & Share

Connect Google Search Console to your Rank Ranger account for search query data integration and take advantage of the option for RangerBot to archive monthly snapshots of Search Console data for inclusion in historical reports.

Add this report to scheduled PDF reports or share it with others in a White Label Client Dashboard for interactive use of the SERP Snapshot.