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Monitor daily rank for your brand-related pages that are ranking in the top 20 search engine results including website landing pages, Google Maps results, Facebook brand page, LinkedIn company page, Twitter profile, Google+ business page, Pinterest account, Wikipedia pages, and a variety of directory listings and business or consumer review pages.

Blended Vertical Search Engine Results

An SEO widget at the top of the Brand Visibility report graphically portrays rank position distribution, SEO visibility trending and result page type.

Universal search results display for each tracked keyword, along with page 1 coverage vs. total number of positions scored in the top 20 Google results.

SERP Snapshot reveals the actual top 20 organic search results including the highest ranking ads and Google related search phrases for your keywords. Click any link to review page content for reputation management.

Gain Competitor Insights

Analyze competitors' SEO page titles, descriptions and ads to determine how they landed on page 1 or 2 of the organic search results.

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Add this report to scheduled PDF reports or share it with others in a White Label Client Dashboard for interactive use of the SERP Snapshot.