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Market Reach API

The market_reach method provides Market Reach data using a scalable metric to measure the potential revenue of a business opportunity on a global scale for tracked keywords.

The market_reach method returns the keyword total volume, search engine URL, search engine rank, and market reach of keywords in a campaign for a specific date, plus:
  • Approximate Monthly Search: the sum of all the Keyword’s Total Volumes
  • Total Monthly Reach:  the sum of all the Keywords’ Reach values for the campaign across all the search engines combined.
  • Approximate Daily Search: a calculation of the Approximate Monthly Searches divided by 30 days
  • Total Organic Reach: Total Monthly Reach divided by the Total Volume of monthly searches for the keywords in the campaign.
  • Keyword Tags: optional

Refer to Market Reach documentation for more information on the metrics.

Refer to Rank Ranger API Overview page for information on how to obtain API access, obtain an API Key, error codes and a full list of API methods.



key string The unique API key assigned to your account
domain tld Top level domain requested
date yyyy-mm-dd Requested data date
string Campaign ID number
pos int Rank Reach Value percentage assigned to each rank  position
search engine
int Search Engine Market Share percentage assigned to Google, Bing, Yahoo
and Other based on your targeting and market focus for the specific campaign. 
In this example, Google is set at 50%, Bing at 20% and Other (e.g., Google Mobile) at 30%:
Tags int Optional: to include Keyword Tags in the results add this parameter to the request:


Construct & test API requests in the API Console or follow this example:

In the above example, we have used the following values. Please refer to Market Reach documentation for more information about these metrics and determine the settings that best match your market focus.
Rank Reach Value
  • pos_1=90
  • pos_2=80
  • pos_3=70
  • pos_4=60
  • pos_5=50
  • pos_6=40
  • pos_7_10=30
  • pos_11_20=20
  • pos_20_plus=10
Search Engine Market Share Percentage
  • google=70
  • bing=20
  • yahoo=10
  • other=0

The default output is in XML format, if you would like the output to be json the you will need to add "&output=json” at the end of the string


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<tracking-data provider="rankranger" date="02/01/2016" time="12:28:59" status="ok">
     - <keyword>
31714</total volume>
        - <search_engines>
            - <se>
Google USA</se_name>
            - <se>                
Bing USA</se_name>

            - <se>
Yahoo USA</se_name>

     - <keyword>
digital camera</name>
7714</total volume>
        - <search_engines>
            - <se>
            - <se>

            - <se>

[continued for each keyword]
  - <summary>


How to Generate New API Keys

You can obtain API Keys per user if your Rank Ranger account has API access by navigating to
1. Account  
2. Connections > API & Connected Apps
3. Click the Generate Key button
4. Select a User and add a note (optional)
5. Click the Add button

Generate API Key

How to Obtain API Access

If you see an error message when accessing the Account > Connections > API & Connected Apps screen, then to obtain API access you will need to upgrade to a package that includes API access by completing a custom package request form or contacting Rank Ranger support with your requirements.

API Console: Construct & Test API Requests

Referencing the parameters information that is listed in the specific API method documentation, you can construct and test API requests in Rank Ranger's API Console by navigating to:

1. Tools
2. Utilities
3. API Console
4. Select the Method and complete the applicable fields
5. Click the Generate button
6.Test your API method by clicking the launch URL icon and view your results. Once your results are as you want them, copy that URL into your own application and modify as needed for each request.

Rank Ranger API Testing Tool

API Query Limits

Rank Ranger APIs can pull up to 100 queries per minute. If more than 10,000 API GET requests per hour is required, then there is an option available at an additional throughput fee, contact customer service for assistance.

Rank Reporting Method Limits
  • Rank Data & Research Reporting API methods can only provide data from campaigns tracking in your Rank Ranger account.
  • You can run an unlimited number of queries through the API.
Search API Method Limits
  • SEO Intelligence API method query limits are based on the number of units purchased for your custom plan (e.g., 1 unit = 1 keyword tracked on 1 search engine, 1 time).
  • Search API plans do not include access to the reporting platform.

Developer API Methods

API Error Codes

Code Text Description
101 Invalid Method
Method does not exist, check your syntax
102 Invalid API Key
The API Key inserted is invalid, check for key accuracy
103 Invalid Domain
The Domain requested is invalid or does not exist in your account
104 Invalid Date
The selected date range or syntax is invalid
105 Invalid Keyword
The Keyword does not exist in this campaign 
202 Invalid Campaign Name
The Campaign name is invalid or missing
203 Invalid Primary URL
The Primary URL is invalid or missing
204 Invalid Campaign ID
The Campaign ID is invalid or missing
208 Invalid Search Engine
Invalid Search Engine ID
210 Keyword already exists
The Keyword already exists in this campaign
211 Keywords exist in campaign
You need to delete Keywords from this campaign before trying to delete the campaign
212 Invalid Package ID
Invalid Package ID
215 Custom White Label URL is already in use for another campaign
The Custom URL that you have selected for your White Label Portal is in use by another campaign, please select a different URL
400 No Results
No results were found
401 Limit Reached
You have reached the maximum number of Campaigns allowed in your package

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