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Adobe Analytics Integration

You can connect campaigns to Adobe Analytics Report Suites if you'd like to view and share website analytics in Rank Ranger's white label dashboards and PDF reports. Adobe data integration with your rank tracking campaign enables a variety of metrics for display in Insight Graphs and Metric Widgets (located in the Reports > Graphs section). Available metrics include:
  • Average time spent on page (min)
  • Average time spent on site (min)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Carts
  • Cart Views
  • Checkout
  • Custom Link
  • Orders
  • PageViews
  • Units
  • Revenue
  • Unique Visitors
  • Visits 
Adobe Analytics integration


Adobe Account Integration

Authorize a connection between Adobe Analytics and Rank Ranger
  • Open Account > Connections > Authorized Connections
  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list
  • Scroll to the Email Marketing section and click the Adobe Analytics button

Adobe Analytics integration

Adobe Analytics Credentials

Enter the Adobe API Username and Shared Secret and click the Allow Access button.
Your API username and Shared Secret can be found in the Web Service section of Adobe Analytics > Account Information screen.

authorize Adobe integration

Name your Connection
This name displays in selection menus in campaign settings, so if you plan to connect more than one Adobe account, please use descriptive names that will help you select the correct connection.
connection name

The new Adobe connection should display in the connections list.

Adobe integrated successfully

Connect Campaign to Adobe


From the Home screen click the Campaign Settings (gear) icon corresponding to the campaign you want to connect to an Adobe account.

In the left menu click Website Analytics
  • Select an Adobe connection from the available options and click the Connect button.

    campaign settings Adobe integration

The list of Adobe Report Suites available in the authorized Adobe Analytics account display, select the one that corresponds to the campaign and click the Connect button.  

AWeber successful campaign connection

Adobe Report Suite data is available in Insight Graphs and Metric Widgets.

Repeat for each Rank Ranger campaign that you want to be connected to an Adobe Report Suite

Adobe Analytics Insight Graph

Adobe Analytics Metrics
To build an Insight Graph using Adobe Analytics data, select:
  • Data Source: Website Analytics > Adobe Analytics
  • Type: Analytics Metrics
  • Metric: choose Bounce Rate, Carts, CartViews, Checkout, Orders, PageViews, Units, Revenue or Visits             
Adobe Analytics metrics

Filters & Options
Select a data frequency: Day, Week, or Month
report frequency

Metric Name

Enter the name that you want displayed as the legend label
Add Metric Name

Color Palette
Click the color block that displays to the left of the metric name you entered and select the color that you want displayed in the graph 

color palette

Chart Display Settings
  • Select a Chart Type. If you want a graph similar to the example above, then select Chart Type: Column.
  • Show or hide Markers (shapes, usually used for line charts) and Labels (the metric numbers), and if shown, then select the size and type. 
  • Set the Date Range and Axis
  • Click the Save button
Learn more about Metric Display Settings and Date Settings.

Important: all available Adobe metrics are enabled. If you have connected your Adobe account and an Adobe Report Suite to a Rank Ranger campaign and you receive a "No Data for Series" error in the Insight Graph, that means that the metric that was selected has not been enabled in the Adobe account for the selected Report Suite.  If you enable the metric in Adobe, then data will be available in Rank Ranger.

Available Third Party Integrations

Third Party data can be used to create individual or blended metrics Insight Graphs and Single Metric Widgets and is also available in a wide variety of reports.
Authorize these Connections for comprehensive marketing reports and graphs: See a list of the available Third Party connections in the below "Related" section.

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