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Constant Contact Email Marketing

You can connect campaigns to a Constant Contact account if you'd like to view and share email marketing campaigns and list statistics in Rank Ranger's white label dashboards and PDF reports.
Constant Contact integration


Constant Contact Account Integration

Authorize a connection between Constant Contact and Rank Ranger
  • Open Account Settings > Authorized Connections
  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list
  • Scroll to the Email Marketing section and click the Constant Contact button

Aweber integration

Constant Contact Credentials

Enter the Constant Contact login username and password and click the "Log in" button. 

authorize Constant Contact integration

Authorize Integration
Click the Allow button. This makes Constant Contact report statistics available in your Rank Ranger report.            
authorize constant contact integration

Name your Connection
This name displays in selection menus in campaign settings, so if you plan to connect more than one Constant Contact account, please use descriptive names that will help you select the correct connection.
connection name

The new Constant Contact connection should display in the connections list.


Connect Campaign to Constant Contact


Constant Contact data integration with your rank tracking campaign enables a variety of metrics for displaying the Reports > Other Integrations > Email Marketing section.

From the Home screen, click the Campaign Settings (gear) icon corresponding to the campaign you want to connect to a Constant Contact account.

In the left menu click Other Integrations
  • Scroll down and select a Constant Contact list from the available options and click the Connect button.

    campaign settings AWeber integration

The Email list name should display and you can click the View Report link to launch the Constant Contact report for this campaign.

Constant Contact successful campaign connection

Repeat for each Rank Ranger campaign that you want to be connected to a Constant Contact list

Constant Contact Email Performance Report

Email Campaigns Report
Top performing campaign statistics display in a graph above a campaign performance comparison table (learn how to customize this report...

Available Third Party Integrations

Third Party data can be used to create individual or blended metrics Insight Graphs and Single Metric Widgets and is also available in a wide variety of reports.
Authorize these Connections for comprehensive marketing reports and graphs: See a list of the available Third Party connections in the below "Related" section.

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